Greening Asia’s City Streets: Why All Cities Should Prioritise Green Walking – featured in FuturArc Sept 2021

Credit: FutureArc

In September 2021 Richard Lambert, the founder of Natural Walking Cities, wrote a commentary piece titled ‘Greening Asia’s City Streets: Why all cities should prioritise green walking’ – that was featured in FuturArc: The voice of green architecture in Asia-Pacific in their 3rd Quarter 2021 edition.

Urban green space & walking infrastructure in Chengdu, China

The piece explains the trajectory that Asian cities have been on in terms of creating the existing walking environments that can be found in 2021 on city streets across the continent – including cultural and developmental impacts and the recent impact of Covid-19 and climate change on walkability in Asian cities. In addition, highlighting the key role that urban green infrastructure plays in creating Asian cities that are more resilient, livable and sustainable. The article explores a wide range of case studies and best practice from a different contexts across the continent; concluding with highlighting how Asian cities can combine walking and urban green infrastructure policy and practice to create cities than enhance both the quality of life and sustainability for their citizens.

Published: November 2021