Natural Walking Cities

This section brings together the key beneficial elements of walkable cities and natural urban infrastructure; and highlights through articles, guides and case studies from around the world, how walking infrastructure and urban greenery can reinforce each other to create more sustainable urban streets and places

Walkable Cities are Green Cities: how walkability is reinforced by natural urban infrastructure

A review of the research, evidence and case studies that evidence how urban natural infrastructure improves the walkability of cities

Green Corridors – Essential urban walking and natural infrastructure

A review of the benefits of green corridors for both walking and natural infrastructure in cities, existing case studies and why they should form part of any sustainable city

Mexico’s Green Cities: promoting urban walking and interaction with nature

Highlighting best practice examples in Mexican Cities where urban green infrastructure promotes walking and interaction with nature

Do pedestrians prefer shade over safety? Research in Malang, a Green Indonesian City

Article showcasing the impact of Malang’s urban green space strategy and that in some environments pedestrians prioritise shade over safety

Utilising blue space corridors for urban walkability: Malaysia and Brunei

Highlighting the the cities found in the Malaysia and Brunei that have created walking networks along urban river corridors.

Singapore a City in a Garden – A model for creating an integrated urban green walking network

Discovering how the Asian Island state has created a green walking network like no other in the world; and what other cities can learn.

How urban green infrastructure enhances walkability – presentation at The Nature of Cities Festival 2021

At The Nature of Cities Festival 2021 Richard Lambert, founder of Natural Walking Cities, gave a short presentation on how urban green infrastructure enhances walkability.

Greening Asia’s City Streets: Why All Cities Should Prioritise Green Walking – featured in FuturArc Sept 2021

In September 2021 Richard Lambert, the founder of Natural Walking Cities, wrote a commentary piece that was featured in FuturArc: The voice of green architecture in Asia-Pacific in their 3rd Quarter 2021 edition.