Natural Cities (Resources)

  • Arborday foundation: US based campaigning organisation that work to inspire people  to plant trees globally
  • ARUP: Cities Alive Rethinking Green Infrastructure – guide to policy, practice and best practice globally around urban green infrastructure
  • Better Bankside – Urban Forests Project – Business Improvement District for Southbank area in Southwark London: Innovative urban forestry programme – increasing green cover by 1000m2.
  • European Environment Agency – Urban Green Infrastructure: indicators of green infrastructure and mapping tools
  • Greater London Authority – Environment Strategy: London’s 2018 published environment strategy with guides and resources to improve London’s urban environment
  • Green Cities: Good Health – University of Washington research website dedicated to all research and studies about the impact of greenery on cities
  • Guardian – Green Cities: Up to date news articles on urban forestry and urban green infrastructure
  • I tree – Toolkit that quantifies the benefits that trees bring to cities. I tree tools that cities can be used to quantify the benefits of trees, landscapes and water.
  • National Park City: Organisation that wants to make London a National Park City. Events, resources and campaigns.
  • Nature of Cities – international platform for showcasing best practice and the case for sustainable cities and urban ecosystems
  • The Conversation – academic journalism on current affairs: Environment section – Academic articles about environmental and tree planting news
  • The Edible Bus Stop: UK and international innovative community landscaping and planting design company.
  • The Secret life of Trees: great introductory and indepth book covering the science of trees and history of trees
    The Hidden Life of Trees: a beautiful account of the history and ecology of forest by a german Forester. Including a chapter on urban ;lonely trees’.
  • The Nature Conservancy: this US based organisation produced comprehensive reports on urban greening and the benefits they bring.
  • Trees for Cities – UK and international tree planting organisation. Planting projects in UK and globally
  • Vibrant Cities Lab – US based Urban Forestry research organisation: Excellent resource for scientific research around the benefits of urban tree planting for both people and the environment. Toolkit step by step guide to implementing an urban forestry programme
  • Woodland Trust – UK based charity protecting and campaigning for trees and woods. Great British tree and wildlife Identification documents. Nature Detectives – interactive children’s tree and plant ID sheets.