Work Together


Its always better to engage, collaborate and work together than to go it alone, and in sustainable urban development it is essential.

With over 10 years experience working to create sustainable urban communities, we can provide a wide range of support to organisations, governments, communities and individuals. Below is a sample of the types of projects and support we can provide:

  • Project advice, advocacy and delivery – focused support delivering pedestrian and urban green infrastructure improvements
  • Policy and strategic advice – how to develop your walking strategy, create walking networks and integrate urban green infrastructure and corridors
  • Research – with extensive experience in both primary and secondary research techniques
  • Led walk creation and delivery – bespoke led walk development
  • Pedestrian and Green infrastructure street auditing – we can conduct Pedestrian Environment Reviews and audits of streets to identify improvements for walking and green infrastructure
  • Community & key stakeholder engagement and promotion –consultation and stakeholder engagement
  • Report writing and analysis
  • Workshop and training delivery – delivery of bespoke training and workshops around pedestrian and green infrastructure planning, delivery and promotion
  • Urban tree planting and food growing training and project management
  • Forest Bathing: Shinrin Yoku – Facilitation and delivery of individual and group Forest Bathing sessions

If you’d like any advice, to talk about collaboration or simply to discuss ideas then get in touch.