Natural Cities

Below you can find articles, theories and resources which are dedicated to discussing and promoting urban greening projects, interaction with nature and planting in cities around the world.

Why trees and natural infrastructure are a vital part of the sustainability of cities

Highlighting evidence of how and why trees and natural infrastructure in cities are essential for the sustainability of urban environments

Urban trees and nature – key to ensuring urban population’s health and wellbeing

Showcasing why urban natural environments are essential for maintaining the wellbeing and health of city communities and the research behind it

How interaction with nature can scientifically improve urban living

How human interaction with nature and specifically through the practice of Forest Bathing – ‘Shinrin Yoku’- in urban settings can improve our wellbeing

How to get more out of your time with nature

An accessible guide for all to use, with tips on how to engage more with the natural environment around you wherever you are

Easy Tree identification tips – how to get to know a tree

Guide with tips on the key things to look out for when identifying trees

Simple guide to common UK trees in Towns and Cities

UK tree identification guide on how to identify specific urban tree species

Case Studies

Surabaya’s urban green space strategy reducing city temperatures

Highlighting how urban green space programmes such as those of Surabaya increase both the liveability but also can reduced average temperatures