Walking Cities

Below you can find articles focusing on pedestrian, people and walking related urban design, in both theory and practice, showcasing best practice and examples from cities around the world.

Why walking improves a Cities’ Health: The benefits of designing our streets around walking

Showcasing the research and evidence of how walking friendly city design improves the health of a city environmentally, socially and economically.

Why walking? Health benefits for people

Review of the research and studies behind why walking is good for our health, what recommended daily levels are and how that fits into urban life

How to make cities walking friendly

The 6 key areas that any city needs to embrace to ensure it designs its infrastructure and built environment around walking

Walking Friendly Street Design – Key elements

What does it mean for a street to be walking friendly, a review of research and current advice around how to create walking friendly streets

Case Studies

People first – how to share a street

Opinion piece on the issues surrunding ‘shared space’ in the UK and how to move forward with creating people focused streets

Marrakesh’s Medina a pedestrian paradise? Extreme shared space

Review of the quality of the walking environment in Marrakesh’s unqiue Medina, learnings for the UK and possible recommendations for improvements

The pedestrian ‘Peatonal’ experience in Mexican Cities: challenges & innovation

Discussing the walking experience and pedestrian infrastructure of Mexican Cities; and highlighting five innovative examples of pedestrian focused urban design from across the country

Central Pedestrian networks in Andalusian Cities

Showcasing best practice examples of walking friendly pedestrian networks the central areas of Andalusian towns and cities.

What do women want? The impact of female participation in Jakartan community sustainable transport projects

A look at how Jakartan urban villages are creating more walking friendly streets through community engagement and the impact of more female participation.

South East Asia’s informal streets and the future of walkability

A review of how South East Asia’s informal streets impact on pedestrians, policies and practices from the region that are putting pedestrians first and what the future of walkability in Asia might be.

Vietnam and Laos pedestrian zones: A Review – Hanoi, Hoi an, Ho Chi Minh, Luang Prabang & Vientiane

Highlighting and reviewing walking street and pedestrian zones in 5 cities in Vietnam and Laos, with recommendations on how they can be improved and expanded.

Walkability in Asian Cities featured in STIPO’s – The City at Eye Level Asia

Published a chapter titled ‘Walkability in Asian Cities’ in The City at Eye Level Asia book published in October 2020 by STIPO as part of their City at Eye Level series of industry best practice publications.